The Beginning of the Bio-BirdsEdit

Chapter One: Leaving the TreeEdit

"Tytanius, come on the hunt while Mrs. Salzaria and

Magnus, Tytanius's Dad

your mother tend to Gemma," Magnus told Tytanius.

"Am I coming with you on this hunt Da?" Tytanius spoke the words three times faster before he could even process the words into his gizzard.

"Don't get too excited son. I'm afraid you going to yeep from it," Magnus chuckled.

"Okay, Da!" Tytanius waited for his Father to leap out to the starry horizon.

'"Great night, isn't it Da?" 'Tytanius pondered with Magnus.

"Sure is son." Magnus mumbled as they flew into the darkness. 

Silence hovered between the two as Magnus cocked his head from side to side, seeking a prey of any kind.

"Here, Tytan," Magnus called to Tytanius.

Tytanius grew with excitment as he and Magnus glided silently towards the prey- a large, plump vole. The vole shuffled along unknowingly.

Then Tytanius saw the branch coming straight at him.

"Da!" He yelped as the branch thudded against him.

Magnus turned around, glancing through the thick grass of the forest below him.

Tytanius looked around, screaming "Da!" until he discovered movement past the trees.

His black eyes looked through the thicket, and then he lay his eyes on dark shadows moving slowly, as if their wings and joints had stiffened. Their bright red eyes looked for movement, and Tytanius held his breath hoping not to make noise.

The owls looked dangerous on sight, Tytanius thought. Their wings had a metallic feel and shine to them.

A giant red eye set its gaze on Tytanius, and Tytanius gasped out loud. The red eye widened, than started calling to different owls around him. It flicked its sword-like talons toward Tytanius, and Tytanius realized this was the end for him.

Then Tytanius felt himself being grabbed upward by owl talons.



A giant shape loomed over him, and Tytanius struggled to look up.

"Good Glaux!" said his father Magnus. "I thought I'd lost you!"

"Da?" Tytanius asked, realizing his father's features.

"Drop him," Magnus said to his companion. "He know's how to fly."

"Ready, Tytan?" asked his handler, his voice tough and compassionate at the same time.

Tytanius nodded, then felt the talons lightly let go.

Tytanius spiraled a few meters, than steadied himself by spreading out his wide, graceful wings.

The owl who had been carrying Tytanius was a brown Great Horned Owl.

"Son, this is Rambonus," Magnus said.

Rambonus nodded to Tytanius.

"What were those things?" Tytanius asked him.

"Bio-Birds," Magnus and Rambonus said in unison.