Skeeter, a Western Screech Owl

Skeeter is the son of Spoorn, and his father wanted him to raise St. Aggie's back from the roots of the Pure ones. Once his father died, he seeked revenge on Ga'Hoole. The fact that Skeeter did not know, was that he was moonblinked almost immediately from his hatching.  

Reverse BlinkedEdit

Once Skeeter led an attack on the Guardians, with a small army of about 10 owls from St. Aggie's, his army got easily defated by the New Strix Struma Strikers , still bearing the name in honor of the fallen owl in the Siege of the Great Tree. The Strikers did not kill Skeeter, realizing that Skeeter was moonblinked from the start. Instead, the Owls of the Great Tree imprisoned him, and then Reverse Blinked him.

At the Great TreeEdit

At the great tree, Skeeter forgot all about his anger toward the Great Tree, and also his anger toward Martin. He now enjoys his time at the great tree!