Sophos is a Barred Owl (Strix Varia) born in the Forest Kingdom of Ambala. Sophos was originally a great warrior who was good at sneaking through enemy lines. Earlier in the fight of Ember, he swiftly saved the King's life through sneaking through the Pure Ones' army. Sophos had also saved other owls lives, totalling up to about 12 saved lives. In the War of Ember, he almost died , though, had it not been for several owls, including his future apprentice Axeris

Weeks after the War of Ember, discussion went on about Sophos until a new law was enacted to add several mo
Sophos I


re chaws were added, including the Espionage Chaw. Sophos, for his deeds in the battle against the Pure Ones, was enacted ryb of the newly made chaw.

Notable InformationEdit

Owl Species: Barred Owl

Skills: Unseen Movement, Diplomacy, Intelligence, Forgery, Espionage

Appearence: Tall; Coffee-Brown Feathers with tips of white; Marble-like black, intelligent eyes

Chaw: Espionage (ryb)

Status: Guardian, Leader of the Espionage Chaw

Appears in: N/A

Other InformationEdit

Favorite Food: . . . . . . .

Favorite Beverage: Coffee

Friends with: AxerisVensonForte

Acquaintance with: Corinth, Jupiter

Enemies with: The Pure Ones