Recently the admins of the official Guardians of Ga'hoole Wiki founded a new Guardians of Ga'hoole Fanon Wiki. As of this writing (January 27, 2017) there are two active admins and three times as many contributions. Edit

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Welcome to the The Guardians of Ga'Hoole Fanon WikiEdit

Do you love the guardians of Ga'Hoole? Or do you just love imagining things, making you own world, or just pretending that you were something in your imagination, but you weren't that in your real life. If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is the Wiki for You! Welcome to the Guardians of Ga'Hoole Fanon Wiki!

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Southern Kingdom

Map of the Southern Kingdom

The Guardians of Ga'HooleEdit

There is the Northern Kingdom, and the Southern Kingdom, the Southern being the most important. The Southern Kingdom house the Tyto Alba, or the Barn Owls. The Barn Owls live in the Forest Kingdom of Tyto. If you go North of Tyto, You get to the Beaks. North from the Beaks is the Sea of Hoolemere. And you fly or sail through the Sea of Hoolemere, and in the direct center of the Sea, you will find the Great Tree of Ga'Hoole, home of the Guardians. Many thought (and still think) that Ga'Hoole was just a myth, until you discover it. In the Tree houses some of the most legendary owls who ever exsited. The Guardians are the people who fight to keep the Peace in all Kingdoms. And in some Kingdoms, the greatest evil lurks, waiting to deliver torture. 

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