Venson was a massive Brown Wood Owl (Strix Leptogammica) who was born in the Beaks of the Southern Kingdoms. He was a renowned warrior and spy, or slipgizzle as it is sometimes reffered to, and had many honors from the kings of Ga'Hoole. He was a famous poet and writer, who wrote stories such as The Ga'Hoole Tree,
Venson i


Hoole: A Life of Epics, 
and was one of the first philosophers Ga'Hoole, for instance his book The Rules of Hoole, and The Glauxian Code. After Venson was made assistant to Sophos, he was soon enacted to lead a group of Guardians against evil owls planning to overthrow the Great Ga'Hoole tree. He dissappeared somewhere from the St. Aegolius Canyons to the Forest Kingdom of Tyto. He is presumed to be deceased.

Notable InformationEdit

Species: Brown Wood Owl

Skills: Espionage, Disguise, Battle, Search & Rescue, Diplomacy, Flying, Fighting with Battle Claws

Appearance: Tall, White Face, Brown Feathers with White and Tan body

Chaw: Espionage

Appears in: N/A

Status: Missing, Presumed Dead

Other InformationEdit

Favortie Food: Roasted Vole

Favorite Beverage: Green-leaf Tea

Friend with: Sophos

Aquaintanced with: Axeris

Enemies with: The Pure OnesThe Justifiers